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Assessing the indoor air quality of your facility or home is the first step in eliminating harmful indoor airborne pollution. We can tailor your home air quality test and mold testing services to fit your needs. We provide our air quality and mold testing in Ottawa, ranging from basic, room-by-room air testing, to ventilation duct inspection of dust and suspect mold growth, to full scale investigations of homes and office buildings.

We have the highest level of instrumentation available with the capability of providing real time data monitoring and same day results.


A list of potential indoor air quality pollutants can include the following:

• Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

• Mould

• Dust Mites

• Allergens

• Toxic Gases

• Carbon Monoxide

• Combustible Gases

• Carbon Dioxide

• Sewer gases

• Asbestos

• Bacteria

• Pesticides

• Radon

• Formaldehyde

• Respirable Particulate PM 

Odor Complaints? Employee Illness? Unexplained Irritation? Allergies? 

We offer Indoor Air Quality Testing and Mold Inspections in the greater Ottawa area. We establish a sampling plan based on what we identify during our inspection, taking into consideration your budget. 

Ottawa Indoor Air Quality Testings and Inspections

Indoor Air Quality Investigations

 Home air quality test and commercial office building assessments. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a number of common health issues. Our team is specialized in helping people overcome problems or concerns with regard to the indoor environment.  We use advanced instrumentation which can give us instant readings on the spot while we are performing the inspection.  Testing can reveal allergens, irritants and even toxins in the air and estimate occupant exposure.  

Ottawa Mold Testing and Inspections

Building & Home Mold Inspections

Mold inspections and testing can help provide valuable information about the air you are breathing and the investment you are considering or own. We perform non-intrusive, non-destructive sampling which is often used in preliminary inspections as an indicator of unseen mold. A professional inspection can also give you the information needed to help protect against unknown or costly repairs that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. Schedule indoor air quality testing in Ottawa. 

What We Do?

Ottawa Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Moisture & Mold Inspections

Moisture & Mold Inspections

We have a range of indoor air quality testing equipment, including Graywolf Multi-Gas PID & Formaldehyde Monitor, Lighthouse Laser Particle Counter, Mycometer & Zefon Mold Sampling and Testing Equipment, FLIR Imaging, Tramex non-penetrating moisture counters, Borescopes, EMF meters & much more, enabling us to diagnose problems others might oversee. 

Ottawa Mold Inspections

Moisture & Mold Inspections

Moisture & Mold Inspections

Moisture & Mold Inspections

Are you considering purchasing a new home or your property experienced recent water damage and you have a musty odour lingering? Sampling and analysis may be able to detect a hidden mold problem.  Allowing mold to grow will not only put your health at risk but will also put your property at risk for damage. Mold does not belong inside your environment.


Air Quality Monitoring

Moisture & Mold Inspections

Air Quality Monitoring

We can provide indoor air quality monitoring, trending, alarming, charts, graphs, air data logging and report generation for IAQ contaminants. For commercial applications, we can arrange an installation of a building automated control systems to alarm and increase ventilation rates when CO2 and VOCs concentrations reach unacceptable limits. 

Airborne Mold Testing & Moisture Detection

 Humid or damp conditions in the home, school or workplace may promote the growth of molds, as well as bacteria and dust mites. These organisms may contribute to poor indoor air quality and can cause health problems. Ottawa has experienced record rain and snowfall in recent years which has significantly contributed to number of buildings and homes affected by moisture related problems. Indoor air quality problems are generally microscopic. A visual inspection is not adequate to provide an accurate picture of the mold concentration in a room. Testing should be part of a thorough inspection or assessment.

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Assessment and Evaluation of the Property

 We are fully trained & certified and use advanced instrumentation in all our assessments. 

Air sampling is non-invasive, non-destructive which is often used in preliminary inspections. It can indicate hidden or unseen mold and may reveal fungal allergens or even toxins in the air and estimate occupant exposure 

Interpretation and Recommendations

Fast turnaround times for pre-purchase agreements for real estate transactions 

Professional reporting with interpretation criteria and guidelines. 

Indoor air pollution is one risk you can do something about.    

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