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What's In Your Air?

Ottawa Indoor Air Quality Testing & Inspections - See Rates Below

Get a peace of mind when purchasing a home or building. Air quality testing results may indicate higher than normal levels of mold and/or indoor air contaminants. 

You Get What You Pay For

Free Mold Testing & Inspections - Really?

Most companies (not all) that advertise cheap or free mold inspections are mold remediators whose business is to carry out mold clean-ups and their “FREE” inspections are a foot-in-the-door marketing method for their clean-up services. Might there be a conflict of interest here??  Hire an independent professional to examine your environmental concerns that have no interest in marketing you additional clean-up services .

Watch this 7 min documentary: 

Protect yourself during a mold inspection - ABC News 

How much does air quality testing cost? See our air quality and mold testing prices in Ottawa below.  


Air Quality Testing

We establish a sampling plan based on what we identify during our inspection, taking into consideration your budget.

Mold Testing

Variability of Mold Testing

One or two samples will not provide a clear picture of what is happening in a large indoor space. If mold testing is required, we suggest preliminary screening should be performed by two methods with a minimum number of samples taken for the size or space.


NOTICE: These tests do not eliminate every potential cause of poor indoor air quality; however, these tests will identify some of the most frequently occurring problems.