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VOCs, Particulate, Toxic Gas & Formaldehyde Testing Ottawa

We measure on-site real time for formaldehyde, VOCs, PM₂.₅ & PM₁₀ and toxic gases in Ottawa

If you’re having symptoms of formaldehyde exposure that go away when you leave your house, professional formaldehyde testing in Ottawa air may be a good idea. We provide onsite formaldehyde testing and monitoring in the Ottawa area. Formaldehyde off gas in building materials and is commonly used in engineered wood products.  

Formaldehyde can be found in paints, insulation, paper products, and cigarette smoke. Laminate flooring is typically made with a formaldehyde resin, but not all laminate flooring releases high levels of formaldehyde. Higher formaldehyde levels are usually found in newer homes or homes with new construction. The levels decrease over time particularly during the first two years. A formaldehyde test can provide fast onsite measurements in the air.

VOCs are volatile organic compounds, the health effects of VOCs depend on the type of VOC, it’s concentration, the duration of exposure, and any chemical sensitivities occupants may have. Poor air quality are being documented in newly constructed or recently renovated buildings. Synthetic materials and chemical products have been extensively used in modern airtight buildings. The combination of low ventilation rate and the presence of numerous sources of synthetic chemicals has resulted in elevated concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) “off-gassing” (the toxins that a product emits into the air) having a negative effect on IAQ. 

Ottawa Air Quality Testing Formaldehyde & VOCs

Unfortunately, you cannot accurately rely on your sense of smell to determine the level of VOCs present. We provide immediate results for VOCs (TVOC), Formaldehyde, Particulate Matter and Toxic Gases.